Monday, September 20, 2010

A Love StoryStarring my Dead BestFriend By Emily Homer

For months, Cass Meyer has heard Julia talk about a secret project . But when Julia dies in a car accident, her drama wants to bring the project she has into a musical that everyone wants. Cass would like to help because she is not a drama person, and she spends the whole summer involved with the musical. Helping wherever she is needed. Cass becomes the prop girl in the musical written by the dead girl Julia.
The novel is very interesting, and worthwhile. The town where the plot seems to take place happens to be in a quiet town where nothing happens . Until the musical occurs, and everybody seems to think the play is weird, but hilarious.
Cass decides to take a cross-country trip on a bicycle caring Julia's dishes in a Tupperware container.
This is a novel about friendship, and love. The trip across country on bike was one thousand miles for Cass to find herself. The musical that was composed by Julia the girl who died in the accident. The musical turned out to be the craziest that the High School produced.
The novel is very good, and entertaining. Cass is a student, who is a Math whiz at seventeen.

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